Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Megapolis2026, Cities of the Future

The theme for this year's Megapolis2026 event was "Energetic cities", aiming to look at the urban low-carbon innovations and solutions related to energy consumption issues. The day consisted of three parts: the first one focusing on energy-smart everyday living, second one on global energy issues and third one was about the cities of the future. As not being able to make full day event, I chose to attend the third session, which I find most interesting.

The Future of Cities part was very inspiring as a wide variety of speakers from different backgrounds presented their insights on how to co-create low-carbon, energy-smart cities that enable sustainable lifestyles. A wide range of ideas and projects were introduced - from urban bee-keeping to transforming highways to boulevards and from social living solutions (Malta project in Jätkäsaari) to spontaneously organized urban social events such as Ravintolapäivä (The Restaurant Day) or Helsinki Night Bike Riders. 

Photo from Nice
 Perhaps the most inspiring presentation to me was one by Irene Cassarino, who talked about Low2No project. It is a joint project organized by Demos Helsinki and Sitra.

"Low2No is a model of design and construction which delivers a more sustainable, built environment, and lays a foundation for ecological urban living. Low2No engages the existing city and aims to balance economy, ecology and society through strategic investments and interventions. " (Low2No website)
The stream from the event is available here.